Sod: The Essentials

 Sod Lake StevensSod is generally used for sports stadiums, lawns, and golf courses around the globe. Sod is also used in residential structures or construction, it is used by home builders, home owners, or landscapers who use Sod Lake Stevens to establish a garden or lawn quickly & avoid the soil erosion. It can also be utilized to repair one small area or part of an athletic field, golf course, or lawn that has recently died. It is very effective in improving air, cooling, and the quality of water. Sometimes, sod is referred to as the instant grass. Installing sod in a field or a residence has a number of benefits. With sod, one does not have to wait long for the seed growth and germination. One can get turfgrass on the same day when he/she wants it. One should, however, look for sod that is weed-free. For that reason, one should get sod from a trusted and renowned dealer where he/she can get clean and contamination free sod, which will be ready to thrive.

Sod Germination: The Process

Sod germination should be started by the preparation of the soil. Certain measures are taken for the sod germination, including controlling the field’s environment around the borders and fumigating the sod’s soil. Before that one should try to get free the soil of tubers, rhizomes, weed seeds, and other similar forms of the plant pathogens so that the sod can have a healthy and growing environment. The grass plants should only be transplanted when the grass-plants are full. However, not all the growing environments are same, therefore, it is important to understand what kind of environment would be ideal for the sod. One should talk and discuss the environment and needs where he/she want sod. One can select the ideal grass, which will be perfect for his/her golf field, business, home, or other such green spaces. There are also fertilizers that are specially designed for a specific mixture of sod. These fertilizers come with necessary instructions

Laying Sod

Start with the outer edges, unroll a sod’s roll on the far left side, then another roll on the far right side or vice versa. Once laying the two sod rolls are done, one should work his/her way towards its center with the next strips.

One sod’s single roll is not always long enough and may fall short covering the lawn’s entire length. This means that one will need to lay separate or different rolls, from one end to another, the ends pressed together firmly, without overlapping.

For the sod strips in the adjacent row, one should ensure that the sod rolls ends stagger so that its seams don’t line up.

If one sod strip appears to be very low, one can put some topsoil right under it in order to make it reach the proper level

When one has completed laying sod, he/she should use the roller again. Push the roller over them in order to press the sod down effectively and firmly on the soil. This helps in removing air pockets, and promotes good contact of the sod with soil, further allowing the roots of the sod to work quickly.

For the next few weeks post laying sod, one should remember to water the sod every day. A greener and fluffier sod can certainly make a lawn or a field look better.

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