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Pigeon Control Goodyear | Best Ways to Eliminate

Are you fed up with pigeons landing on your roof in Goodyear, Arizona and need Pigeon control in Goodyear, Arizona? There are some tips that can help you avoid these birds congregating on your roof and leave everything extremely dirty. In addition, these animals are popularly known as “winged rats” because they contain a lot of parasites that can infect humans, so it is advisable to avoid them living close to your home. You can install plastic or metal spikes on ledges, window sills, rooftops, and other flat or curved surfaces where pigeons can land and nest. These tips are easy to install and barely visible, and it is impossible for pigeons to land where spikes are present. Try to use sticky chemicals that disturb birds when they want to land on the roof of your home. Once you have sprayed it, they will stay away. These products make the pigeons stay stuck on the roof, it bothers them but does not hurt them.  Pigeon Control Goodyear


How to permanently remove pigeons from the roof – Eliminate pigeons from your roof


Use a bird repellent

If pigeons are a big nuisance in your home or garden, consider using a bird repellent. Some of these repellents contain methyl anthranilate and apply with a sprayer. They do not cause physical damage to birds, but a very unpleasant reaction. After a few applications, the pigeons will associate your home with this reaction and stay away.


Ultrasonic machines to keep pigeons away

Finally, there are other products available, such as ultrasound machines, that can keep pigeons away. Consult local authorities before using chemicals, poisons or other lethal methods as they may be prohibited in your area.


Eliminate food sources for pigeons

Eliminate food sources. Food sources for pigeons include grass, berry or olive seeds, and cat or dog food left at hand. You can also install mirrors on the roof to scare the pigeons.


Lures or plastic animals

Pigeons like all birds are very territorial and if they see that a balcony is already occupied by another pigeon, he will not go there to make his nest, that’s why a good technique is to put animals in plastic as you can see in the photo to keep the pigeons away.


How to permanently remove pigeons from the roof – Lures or plastic animals


Wire cloth to chase pigeons

Install wire around areas such as attic windows where pigeons are likely to land. Although the word “scarecrow” can make you think of a man of straw, to scare the pigeons there is nothing better than an owl. If you can find one that moves (like a wind vane), much better. If you have tried all these tips without success, call a professional. Preferably, a pest control company known in the area. Even if they are not specialized in fighting pigeons on the roof of your house, they can recommend someone who is.


Pigeon eliminator

If you put a cage, it does not mean that these animals will enter, or they will not come out before your arrival, in extreme cases when it is impossible to use anti-pigeon nets or spikes, we recommend anti-pigeon cages installed and handled by professionals. The presence of hawks and eagles intimidates this animal remarkably. But this implies the presence of these natural predators of the pigeons permanently in the neighborhood; if the law allows it, they can be slaughtered, but first find out about regional, local and national legislation.

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